When can we start?

We strongly recommend pencilling in a project as soon as you believe we may be involved.

Often there will be a lead time on projects. Prior to start-up, we also recommend preliminary discussions that:  i) further explore the brief,  ii) establish the material available to work with, and  iii) define the deliverables for your deadlines.

The turnaround on an animation can vary from as little as 2 weeks to 3 months - depending upon complexity of brief, availability of material, weather, and other variables. This can be finalised once we have a clear idea of your budget and project expectations. Still renders can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to produce - again, depending on photography, weather, availability of data, quantity etc.

With clear communication and planning, we are able to successfully produce a high quality product, prioritising the output to best suit the available timeframe and your deadline requirements.